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ER-bology. HER-bology. Call us whatever you like — as long as you don’t call us a provisioning center. Sure, technically, we’re a provisioning center. But, we do things differently around here. 

We don’t call ourselves Bud Tenders. We’re Herbologists who share a healthy obsession with the science behind the cannabis plant, and all it can do for your body and soul. We’re not a typical store. We’re part of a community.

We operate in the same hometowns where we live and work with our family and friends. Our spaces are as welcoming and warm as your local hangout, and we’re a respected and active member of the community.

We’re not just about selling. We’re also about sharing what we know.

If you want to talk genetics and strains and get geeky, we’ll get deep in the weeds on terpenes and tinctures. (How much time do you have?). Don’t know your CBD from your THC or your ABCs?

Not to worry. We’ll meet you there and keep it simple.

So, ER-bology. HER-bology. Call us whatever you like.

Just call on us whenever you want to feel good.

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